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Chesskin Bluetooth® Keyboardcase for iPad Air

Experience the full functionality of the iPad Air with the Chesskin Bluetooth®
Keyboardcase! Typing on the glass surface of the iPad is slow and blind typing is
not possible since the keys cannot be felt. Many people therefore unnecessarily
carry around a second device such as a laptop to answer their e-mail or create
documents. The wireless Bluetooth® keyboard of the Chesskin Bluetooth®
Keyboardcase for iPad Air makes typing on the iPad a breeze and has a large
battery capacity for weeks of uninterrupted typing without having to recharge.

The keyboard is integrated in a very slim and light PU leather
cover for elegant protection of the iPad Air .


• Super-slim and light-weighted material
• Soft touch and extreme silent keyboard
• Elegant look & feel
• Durable cover
• State-of-art technology
• Easy to use
• Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery

• Built-in Li-Ion polymer battery capacity: 450 mah
• Voltage: 3.7V power charge connector
• Input: Micro USB charge 5V, Micro-USB cable included.
• Charging time: 2 - 2.5 hrs
• Operating temperature: -20 ºC - 55 ºC
• Working distance: 10 m
• Keyboard dimension:
• 24,3cm W x 18cm D x 0.5cm H
• Keyboard weight: 210g
• Standby time: 30 days approx.
• Continual working time: 60 Hours

In The Box:
• Chesskin Bluetooth® Keycase for iPad Air
• USB charging cable
• ​Manual