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The SUBM3 MK2 is a compact primary dive light tested to 200 meters.

Motion Control Technology (MCT): The unique patent pending tehnology eliminates the need for a mechanical switch and the risk of water ingress and malfunction. MCT, when combined with our neoprene wrist mount gives hands free operation.

Capacitive Switching: Capacitive Switching increases the ease of mode changing and creates a waterproof switching system for when utilising your light above the water. The light senses when it is submerged and the capacitive switch is deactivated, switching on TAP technology.

High performance LEDs and Lithium ion batteries: The Sub M3 offers greater outputs (1800 Lumens) and longer burn times (2-24 hours) than most umbilical packages at a fraction of the weight (231g) and size.

OLED Status Display (OSD): OSD advances unique Exposure Lights pat. pend. Display technology. The new OLED panel gives program and mode information before switching to a burntime countdown. When charging, the OSD displays the percentage of stored energy into the cells so you know how long before you can hit the water again.

Tap Activated Power (TAP): TAP is the latest pat. pend. Exposure Lights innovation. This technology has been fine tuned to react to the users touch allowing simple, fast activation and output adjustment.

Travel Lock: The light can be placed in travel lock to ensure that it remains OFF during transit for both safety and reliability; this is displayed by the digital display. Travel lock will be entered after 1 hour of zero use ensuring it does not come on by accident.

Gold plated charge terminals: To help prevent corrosion and allow for through body charging.

USB magnet charge lead: The USB lead is supplied with a 240v plug adapter for rapid charging. The magnetic attachment allows the terminal to be easily cleaned and dried.


Output: 1 800Lumens

Runtime: 2 - 24 hrs

BatteryHead Diameter: 47mm

Back Diameter: 47mm

Length: 113mm

IPX Rating: 200m



Beam Angle: 20 degrees

Light Beam Type: Smooth Spot

Bulb Type: XM-L2 LED

Burn Time: High - 2 hrs / Low - 24 hrs

Lumens: High - 1800

Recharge time: 9 hours

Dimensions: 113mm x 47mm

Weight: 231g w/out wrist strap


In the box:

SubM3 MK2 Dive light

One size adjustable hand / wrist mount

USB charger

Mains charge adapter

2 x nylon friction washers

Stainless steel nut

4mm Allen key



This patented technology allows the light to be controlled without the use of a mechanical switch, eliminating the risk of water ingress and mechanical failure. When attached to the wrist mount it allows for hands free control.
Marine grade hard anodising, specific laser etching techniques and gold plated charging terminals create maximum durability in a salt water environment.

Exposure Lights fuel gauges are an accurate display of battery power to ensure you maximise your usage.

By using the highest quality lithium Ion batteries and the latest LED technology our cable free lights offer brighter and longer performance than most umbilical torches. Eliminating the umbilical tube reduces the risk of water ingress and increases the level of transport.