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Exposure Marine’s MOB water activate strobe

Get found fast & ensure you conform to ISAF Offshore Special Regulations.

The perfect crew light!  Weighing less than a Leatherman and not much larger either, Exposure's MOB light can be carried as a personal high powered spot light with an automatically activated strobe for emergencies.

Set to become the next indispensible personal safety aid this compact, water activated MOB strobe and LED search light, is immensely powerful.  And in an emergency you don't even need to waste time switching it on!

Whether it's in your pocket when you hit the water or thrown towards a man over board, this intelligent motion activated light will turn itself on auotmatically in water.   Using Exposure’s patented Man Over Board Technology (MOBT), this award winning light detects its flight through the air, and switches onto strobe mode when it finds a contact in water.

•  1300 lumens strobe and search light - automatically switches on in water
•  Strobe lasts up to 20 hours
•  Visible from 5 nm
•  Rechargeable via USB
•  Searchlight has multiple beam modes (high, med, low)
•  Fully buoyant and waterproof rated IPX8 (5m)
•  Beam distance 177 metres

Finding a person in the water can be extremely difficult; even a few metres away and in daylight they can be hard to see when you are separated by a couple of waves.  And it's much worse at night!  Traditional dan-buoy lights and smoke activated flares have limited enduring visibility and in many emergency situations there is very little time to wait for helicopters to arrive.  Speed of recovery is vital, especially in cases of low water temperature or injury, and the ability for a vessel to self-recover an MOB makes a huge impact on increasing chances of survival.

The intelligent motion sensing MOBT technology also prevents accidental activation. The MOB only seeks a contact once it has detected movement, and ceases trying to activate if it does not find continuous water contact for five consecutive seconds.  Once removed from water, it deactivates after 60 seconds to save battery life.  The use of energy efficient LED’s and rechargeable lithium ion batteries mean the strobe can last up to 20 hours, far exceeding the SOLAS 5 hour run time requirement.

The MOB also provides continuous feedback on battery levels, to indicate run times and recharging requirements, with a simple green, orange and red status light integrated into the function button, which also acts as a visual location aid at night.